Creaker Deck for Poker – (Bee Brand – Blue)


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The Creaker Deck for Poker allows you to gain very valuable amount of information about the other hands at the table. With the Creaker Deck, you will know who has two big hole cards, two small hole cards or a combination of big and small.

When choosing to stay in the pot against an opponent this is a tremendous advantage in a private game.

Your opponent will be puzzled when you keep coming at him or her with a very strong hand knowing they are bluffing or that they have two small cards. It will give you the advantage of being feared when you do bet and also causing those opponents who have marginal hands to fold when you start betting against them. The bottom line is, this deck will give you a tremendous advantage if you understand and know how to properly play poker. 

 In the classic style, not all the cards are marked. You use the Creaker Deck to gain an advantage not to beat your opponent over the head. If you know how to play Poker the Creaker Deck will give you an insurmountable advantage.

A premium-quality playing card. Bee® brand playing cards are preferred by casinos and industry professionals alike. Considered more durable than the average paper playing card, Bee® brand playing cards can maintain their shape and feel for a longer amount of time, providing increased play and use.

The United States Playing Card Company is the leader in the production and distribution of premier brands of playing cards, including BEE®, BICYCLE®, AVIATOR®, HOYLE®, KEM® and CONGRESS® playing cards. BICYCLE® cards have been the bestselling playing card brand in the world for more than 130 years. Founded in 1867, the company manufactures, markets and distributes traditional playing cards, card games, children’s card games, and card accessories. BEE®, BICYCLE®, AVIATOR® and HOYLE® are registered trademarks of The United States Playing Card Company.

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