Daub – (Classic – Golden Glow)




Daub is a substance secreted on the body or on clothing that you use to place a faint blemish on a card to make it different from the other cards. Taken further and placed on a group of cards it helps distinguish various values so you can see what your opponents have. Daub is typically applied during play but a clever use of it is to mark the cards before play. This is CLASSIC GOLDEN GLOW daub and it comes in the CLASSIC Daub Tin packed to the top and with a pin to place it on your clothing. This daub, also known as GOLDEN is one of the favorite colors of all daub players. It can be played on all color cards and will also work on all types of cards.  This CLASSIC TIN of daub is likely to last years and years in the right hands. Only a tiny amount is used each time. If you are curious about daub get a different one that is sold in the vile (Golden Glow is only available in the CLASSIC TIN). However, if you are a serious pro or a collector then daub in the classic tin like this one is the way to go. All of our daubs come with instructions.

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