Dice – Crooked (Custom Made)

Somewhat like the photo indicates this section is for crooked or gaffed dice. Dice can be rigged in a variety of different ways and combinations to suit your performing conditions.

The shapes of the cubes can be altered, they can be loaded or weighted, they can have their spots altered or even their edges changed to create an advantage as well as many other variations.

Our dice are made to order or custom made. Please contact us first by email david@markedcardsorg-1f0557.ingress-bonde.easywp.com and we will give you a quote for your specific needs.

All dice business is conducted with payment in front via USPS Money Order.

You send us payment then we make up the dice, it does not work any other way, so please do not ask. Please do not take it personally because it’s not personal, it’s business.

We have been in business for thirty years.

We sell dice for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for their misuse. Do not use these dice to cheat, do not use these dice in a casino.


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