Prism Shoe (Gaffed for Blackjack/21)


This product is only available through special order. Please contact us at to discuss what size shoe and to make payment arrangements. Each shoe is made to order and therefore needs to be paid for in advance. No exceptions.

This is a shoe made out of acrylic just like a show you would see at a Blackjack table or Baccarat table in a casino. The difference here is that at a moments notice you are able to know the exact identity of the top card in the shoe. You can then decide to deal that card or the one underneath it. Though you do not know what the card underneath is, having the ability to hold back a known card on each round will give you a tremendous advantage when playing any game you deal out of a shoe or can convince someone should be dealt out of a shoe for protection.

You can order a shoe to hold four decks, six decks or even eight decks of cards.

All products and books sold by MarkedCards.Org are intended for Educational and Entertainment Purposes ONLY. will not be held liable for any misuse of their products. Misuse of this shoe can get you in serious trouble do not use it to gamble.


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