Silver Daub – (Silver in Glass Vile)


Daub is a substance secreted on the body or on clothing that you use to place a faint blemish on a card to make it different from the other cards. Taken further and placed on a group of cards it helps distinguish various values so you can see what your opponents have. Daub is typically applied during play but a clever use of it is to mark the cards before play. This is SILVER daub and it comes in a VILE with a small button container that you can pack the daub into. We also have the same daub available in the CLASSIC TIN. You get roughly the same amount of daub with either option, but this is the more economical option. A tin of daub or a vile of daub is likely to last years and years in the right hands. Only a tiny amount is used each time. If you are curious about daub this is the type to get (there are also other colors). However, if you are a collector then daub in our classic tin is the way to go. All of our daubs come with instructions. This daub can be used to mark any card, paper or plastic. It is removable and not permanent.